Sam Petersen - Firebreather Athlete



Name: Sam Petersen 

Age: 23

Affiliate: CrossFit Whidbey Island

CrossFit Competition Experience: 2010 WA Sectionals-4th place; 2010 NW Regionals-7th place; 2011 Open-3rd place; 2011 NW Regionals-1st place.

Athletic Background: Volleyball-High School

Community Involvement: I strive to set a positive example to those around me.

Favorite Quote or Saying: “Live in the present, let go of fear, honor all beings, live with integrity and have an attitude of gratitude.”

What does it mean to you to be a Firebreather? To push yourself beyond your mental capability to become stronger than you ever imagined, surpassing all physical capability and LEARNING to push your body and mind one step further. Then, start again....