Kelsey Nagel - Firebreather Athlete

Kelsey Nagel - 165lb. Thruster to Win WOD #2 at Northwest Regional


Name: Kelsey Nagel

Age: 25

Affiliate: Lynnwood CrossFit

CrossFit Competition Experience: 2010 Washington State Sectionals (19th), 2010 NW Regionals (12th), 2011 NW Regionals (TBD!)

Athletic Background: I grew up playing soccer in Edmonds, Washington, and eventually earned an athletic scholarship to The University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA). I played and started all 4 years and was named team captain my Junior and Senior years. I wanted to continue to play after college but after a few months of training with the Seattle Sounders Women's team an injury to my hip took me out of the sport and into surgery. From youth soccer to middle school volleyball and high school track and soccer, I have always loved being active and competing in different sports. After college I was introduced to CrossFit and haven't looked back. CrossFit gives me the competitive fix that soccer, volleyball and track got me hooked on.

Community Involvement: I train the Meadowdale High School girls basketball team. Introducing young girls/athletes to the weight room and strength and conditioning has been an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to have a H.S. track coach who introduced me to weight training before I went into college but unfortunately, in most High Schools that's not the case. With focus, hard work and some convincing that girls ARE allowed in the weight room I have seen major strength gains in both the physical and mental sense. The girls went from being shy about doing certain movements because the boys in the weight room would see to challenging them and standing up for themselves when a comment was made. It fires me up to see them pushing themselves to new levels and encouraging each other...the best part is they go home and try to teach their parents and friends the proper way to do squats and introduce them to the dreaded burpee.

Favorite Quote: "You only live once but if you live it right, once is enough."

What does it mean to you to be a Firebreather?  A Firebreather is someone that thrives under pressure and competition while keeping their attitude in check. They walk with humble confidence (yes there is such a thing) and not only stay positive themselves but encourage others to keep their chin up and strive for improvement. A Firebreather understands their strengths and acknowledges their weaknesses. The term “good enough” does not exist in a Firebreather's vocabulary.