Fight Gone Bad Winners


Austin Malleolo - 455 Repetitions on Fight Gone Bad - Male Winner 


Laurie Galassi - 385 Repetitions on Fight Gone Bad - Female Winner 


Congratulations to this years Fight Gone Bad winners. The on-line event, hosted by Beyond The Whiteboard, featured some of the Worlds greatest athletes battling it out in one of CrossFit's most demanding workouts. For their accomplishment, Austin and Laurie each won an individually numbered Award Series garment and custom Firebreather Dog-Tag

Fight Gone Bad earned it's name from legendary Ultimate Fighting Champion BJ Penn in the early days of CrossFit in Santa Cruz, California. Coach Glassman devised a workout, at the time unnamed, that would exceed the metabolic demand of an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match. After putting BJ through the workout, Coach asked him how it felt. BJ exclaimed, "Like a Fight Gone Bad!" The name stuck, and the rest is history.