CrossFit West Santa Cruz



Sam from CrossFit West in Santa Cruz, California, is a great athlete and incredible CrossFit Coach. His crew at CrossFit West are some of the most determined and well trained athletes out there. Sam recently moved his CrossFit Affiliate into a nearly ten-thousand square foot box, making his gym one of the premiere CrossFit event locations on the West Coast. If you didn't know, Santa Cruz is the birthplace of CrossFit, and is the home to several outstanding CrossFit gyms - however, in terms of sheer size and magnitude, nothing beats Sam's new box - you have to see it to believe it. Sam is also a True Firebreather, and displays an indomitable spirit in front of every challenge he faces. The very first editions of the Firebreather Launch Series (before they were even on the website!) were tested and approved at his box. Sam is a great friend to Firebreather Athletics. If you are ever in the Santa Cruz area, make sure you stop in and visit his gym - tell him Firebreather Athletics sent you!