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To meet the needs of Law Enforcement the TOTC will be offered in an online format at a discounted rate.

The goal of the Tactical Officer Trainer Course is to educate the Officer on the application of functional fitness for the Law Enforcement profession. Attendees will also learn how Law Enforcement Agencies have successfully implemented a functional and tactical fitness program into their Academies and In-Service training.

Lectures include programming, case studies and nutrition, peak performance and recovery techniques, emotional wellbeing, spirituality, as well as physical instruction on foundational functional fitness movements and their direct application to the demands of the Law Enforcement Profession.

The day includes two team building workouts and an opportunity for Officers to network and forge winning partnerships between Agencies. The course will also include training plans and a detailed explanation of the new NTOA SWAT PFQ. 


  • Sunday, May 3, 2020
  • 9AM - 1PM PST
  • Offered in private Zoom classroom 


  • PVC Pipe for Weightlifting Instruction (approximately 4 to 6 feet long)
  • Suitable area for squats, push-ups, and burpees 
  • 400 meter running route (or equivalent cardiovascular activity) 
  • Computer or other device setup with Zoom capability 


This course is only available to Law Enforcement and First Responders. On a case by case basis CrossFit gym owners or staff members who are directly responsible for training Public Safety can enroll. Email with questions. 

  • Following checkout you will be contacted by Greg Amundson with the private Zoom classroom login instructions. and additional registration requirements (waiver).