Metanoeo Coffee
Metanoeo Coffee
Metanoeo Coffee
Metanoeo Coffee

Metanoeo Coffee

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Metanoeo Coffee Company was inspired by Greg Amundson's love for Jesus, studying Scripture, and small-batch micro roasted, organic single origin coffee.
A little history ....
Metanoeo is the Greek word for repent, and it also happens to be the first public-ministry word spoken by Jesus Christ. In Matthew 4:17, Jesus proclaimed, “Repent (Metanoeo), for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near.”
In Greek, the word Metanoeo means, “To change your mind for the better.”


It’s as if Jesus was telling His first disciples, “Listen up fellas! I want you to change your mind for the better!”

We hope that every cup of Metanoeo Coffee helps you to "Change your mind for the better!"

  • USDA approved 100% organic coffee
  • Single origin
  • Medium Roast "VICTORY"
  • Artisanal small batch (100lb.) and lovingly roasted
  • Made in New York, NY, USA
  • Certified direct trade
  • Absolute best taste and quality
  • Micro-roasted for a "mind changing" experience!
  • 100% of proceeds go directly to Faith Works Ministry

Metanoeo Coffee is FREE to the Patreon's of Faith Works Ministry.