Affiliate your gym with Firebreather Athletics to receive exclusive sales rights to the “Firebreather Affiliate Collection” line of apparel and merchandise. Contact our Customer Service team to learn more about this exciting opportunity and to secure a place in Firebreather history. Affiliation includes the ability to:

  • Purchase “Firebreather Affiliate Collection” apparel at discounted cost directly from Firebreather Athletics.
  • Reward your athletes with recognizable Firebreather designs and logos for their athletic accomplishments.
  • Sell “Firebreather Affiliate Collection” apparel directly from your Affiliate gym.
  • Fly the official “Firebreather Athletics Authorized Dealer” flag inside your gym.
  • Recognition on the Firebreather website as an official affiliate member.
  • Own and promote an authentic Firebreather garment custom designed for your affiliate gym. 




Firebreather Affiliate in Las Vegas - CrossFit Progressive Force 


Firebreather Affiliates


CrossFit Advantage 

CrossFit Upcountry Maui

CrossFit Progressive Force

Underground Strength Gym 

CrossFit Fort Hood

CrossFit Amundson

CrossFit Impavidus 

Mt Baker CrossFit