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About Firebreather Athletics

Firebreather Athletics - Respected Woldwide™.

Firebreather Athletics™ has a strong belief in the creative power of words and images. Our contention is that words and images can positively affect the physical and emotional state of the human athlete. This belief guides the inspiration of every garment we design and produce. 

Our definition of Firebreather, printed on the inside label of all our garments and accessories, places words of strength, optimism and personal belief directly against your skin. The image of our Firebreathing Griffin, long regarded as a symbol of power, courage, health and intelligence, is an integral component of our apparel and designs. Historically, the Griffin was charged with guarding treasure and priceless possessions.  Firebreather Athletics™ believes the greatest possessions of the human athlete are their mind, body and spirit. We are passionate about designing and producing athletically inspired apparel and accessories that will empower and protect the Firebreather inside us all. 

Firebreather Athletics.™ We believe our apparel is an "Athletically Inspired Work of Art." We sincerely hope you agree.