Sex in the Box

Sex in the Box

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A theologically rich explanation of God’s design for sexual intimacy.

A great sex life is something that God designed, not something that we make. In his new book, bestselling author
GREG AMUNDSON educates and inspires you to understand that to experience the joy, intimacy, and celebration of sex, we must honor the marital covenant that sex was intended to be enjoyed within.

Praise and Endorsement for Sex in the Box

“Greg’s book,
Sex in the Box, is so relevant to our needs today. I’m thankful for his emphasis on a true biblical worldview concerning sex. If God created sex, we must prioritize His perspective on the matter. I highly recommend this book to the fitness community. It will help us understand the true joy and purpose of sex and elevate God’s ideal for intimacy.”
Co-Founder of Faith RXD

“Greg Amundson’s book,
Sex in the Box, is an excellent biblically based exposition on God’s intention for sex. This book can serve as a guidepost for CrossFit Affiliates (and individuals) on how God’s plan for sex can be used to strengthen (not weaken) relationships, families, and communities in the gym environment.”
CrossFit Level I Seminar Staff and Strength and Conditioning Coach for Collegiate Athletics and the DoD

“Greg Amundson’s grace filled wisdom is on display in his eye-opening book,
Sex in the Box. This book removes the blindfolds and empowers the reader to clearly understand the complex dynamics of sex, and how to navigate these waters in a manner that will lead to true fulfillment, peace, joy, and ultimately glorify God.”
Former Executive Director of Faith RXD, Owner of Peak 360 CrossFit, Co-Founder of Wodapalooza
and 3 x CrossFit Games Athlete

“Greg tackles a topic that is uncomfortable for many to discuss with an incredible amount of grace and dignity, while being steadfast to the Truth in God’s Word. Within the CrossFit community, it is generally accepted that discomfort leads to growth and surrendering to the process leads to a better version of ourselves. Greg builds upon these cultural pillars to show how our sexual purity is not only for a good God, it’s for our own good as well.”
Marketing and Media Director for Faith RXD