Krav Maga Yellow Belt Training

Krav Maga Yellow Belt Training

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During this intensive three to six-month program you will achieve promotion to your Krav Maga Yellow Belt. All training is conducted remotely through private YouTube video instruction and individualized Victory physical fitness training plans. Candidates must submit video recording of their final examination to include competency in Krav Maga yellow belt curriculum and Victory Level I training plans. Upon successful completion of the examination, you will be mailed your Krav Maga Yellow Belt and Promotional Certificate.

Candidates will learn the same fundamental Krav Maga techniques and principles taught to DEA Special Agent Recruits during the grueling 6-month DEA Basic Academy in Quantico, VA. Your primary instructor is former DEA Special Agent, US Army Combatives Instructor, and Krav Maga Black Belt, Greg Amundson. 

Training includes the following: 

  • Krav Maga combatives 
  • Defense against chokes front, side, and rear
  • Basic ground positions 
  • Introduction to Impact Weapon Defense
  • Takedown Level I 
  • Warrior mindset training 
  • Foundational fitness techniques to compliment Krav Maga 
  • Victory training plans and functional fitness instructional videos 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How long is the program?

The normal training time between White and Yellow Belt is six months. On a case by case basis, candidates can test within three months of commencing the program. 

  • Do I need a training partner? 

Although a training partner is strongly recommended, the majority of the Krav Maga combatives can be practiced on a traditional heavy bag. The self-defense techniques can be practiced in a format called "dry to the mirror" which is instructed in the training videos. 

  • How am I tested?

Students will record and upload a private YouTube video of their performance on the Yellow Belt examination which is emailed prior to the test. It is recommended to have a training partner in the video to act as the "assailant." If video recording is not possible, please contact for alternative testing options. 

  • How soon do I receive the training videos?

Students are progressively and incrementally emailed the Yellow Belt training videos upon enrollment in the program. In addition, a welcome packet with a complete description of the program is also emailed at the time of enrollment. Students can progress through the videos at a pace appropriate for their ability. 

  • Do I receive support from a teacher?

Your Coach, Greg Amundson, is available to answer questions on the techniques and exercises during the 6 month enrollment period between White and Yellow Belt. Please email to schedule a video conference or phone consultation.