Author Mentorship Program (AMP)

Author Mentorship Program (AMP)

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Developed by five time #1 bestselling author Greg Amundson, the Author Mentorship Program (AMP) is intended to educate, inspire, and support you throughout the entire creative process of writing a book. In the words of Greg, the AMP will launch you from "First Page to First Place!" 

The principles Greg teaches new authors have been proven by both Greg and his dear friends including Mark Divine (New York Times bestselling author), Scott McEwen (New York Times bestselling author), Jason Redman (former Navy SEAL and #1 bestselling author) and Jay Dobyns (former ATF Special Agent and New York Times bestselling author.) 

The AMP program includes 4 coaching calls with Greg, in addition to select Eagle Rise Publishing #1 bestselling authors. Each call will systematically progress you through the entire book writing process, from outlining a manuscript, to publishing your new book on a #1 Amazon bestselling category track. 

Greg's team at Eagle Rise Publishing will provide the confidence, expertise and encouragement you need to bring your dreams of writing a book to life. 

In addition to the coaching calls with Greg, the Author Mentorship Program includes Greg's personalized seven-step "First Page to First Place" process: 

  1. "Digging for Gold" and how to "set" a million dollar story. 
  2. Compassing: How to direct your book to reach your goals. 
  3. Your "Road Map" to defining your ideas and book's foundation. 
  4. Interviews to get "from your head to the paper." 
  5. Professional editing and content refinement.
  6. Book cover design, layout and complete publishing details. 
  7. Greg's proven Amazon Best Seller promotion plan. 

    The AMP program is limited to three authors each year. Register today or email for more information.